National and International Courier Service

Katlego Global Logistics offer a range of courier delivery services both nationally and internationally that are affordable, reliable and secure. We collect the parcels from you and deliver door-to-door, ensuring that your client has signed off and has received the parcel.  


With our track and trace technology available online, you can view the location and delivery status of your parcel at any given moment. Each parcel is given a unique waybill tracking number that you can trace here.

Economy Delivery  (ECO)

Save on exorbitant delivery fees and have your parcels delivered between 3 – 5 days. This low-cost service is most efficient for delivery to remote areas in South Africa.

Next Day Delivery

For efficient and quick turnaround delivery opt for our Next Day delivery service that allows your parcel to be delivered within 24hours. We will collect the parcel from you and will deliver it the following day.

Overnight Express Delivery (ONX)

Meet your client’s timely needs and get their parcel delivered by 10h30am the following day.

Same Day Express Delivery

Some things just cannot wait to be delivered, especially when it is an emergency. This service allows your parcels to be delivered within 12hours if it is in the same city or to Major City Centres in South Africa. To meet the tight delivery time frame, parcel collection has to be done by 09h00 am.

For specialised rates based on your business’ unique needs, please send an email to info@katlegoint.co.za/ innocentiad@katlegoint.co.za